Buildings Re-Structuring and Extensions

Structural Engineering

When building an extension or an attic, a structural engineer should be your first port of call

Foundations Renovation

Foundations provide support for structures, transferring their load to layers of soil or rock that have sufficient bearing capacity and suitable settlement characteristics to support them. There are a very wide range of foundation types suitable for different applications, depending on considerations such as:

Extensions Construction

Building an extension to a house is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners seeking to maximize the potential from their property space. The type and scale of the extension will varies according to the home-owner’s preferences. These range from loft, basement, orengery to Single-storey extension - a new built that is adjacent to an existing house

Internal Walls Partition & Removal

Structural analysis is a very important part of a design of buildings and other built assets such as bridges and tunnels, as structural loads can cause stress, deformation and displacement that may result in structural problems or even failure. There are a number of different types of load than can act upon a structure, the nature of which will vary according to the design, use, location and materials being used. Design requirements are generally specified in terms of the maximum loads that a structure must be able to withstand.

A Porch

A porch is a covered, single-storey structure that can be enclosed, and projects out from a house or other building. It is a particularly popular option for extending a domestic building, typically at the front entrance, where it can provide additional space, allow the creation of a draft lobby and create an architectural focus. It can also be relatively inexpensive to construct. A porch can help reduce heat loss from the building, improve energy efficiency and create useful storage space.


A buttress is a form of architectural structure constructed against a building which has suffered from structural movement. The buttress will serve as a counteracting reinforcement, supporting the wall and preventing the movement becoming progressive. Usually a surveyor will seek the advise of a structural engineer to ensure progressive movement is not a cause for concern


Water is the single largest cause of deterioration to buildings. It is essential that moisture entry be prevented or eliminated from areas intended to be dry. In a modern structure the cavity, together with associated trays and damp proof courses, should prevent the transfer of moisture to the interior. Where damp issues are evident in a structure of this type it could be as a result of debris build up in the cavity or omissions from the original construction, further investigation might be necessary.

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